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VEGGIE LAVAR - Vegetable And Fruits Cleaner




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1. An entirely plant-based, safe, and eco- friendly chemical composition

2. Destroys 99.9% of harmful bacteria, fungi, germs, and microbes on fruits and leafy vegetables, reducing the risk of food-borne illnesses.

3. Provides comprehensive cleaning by removing pesticides, preservatives, wax, chemicals, microbes, soil, and other external dirt that cannot be completely removed through regular water washing.

4. Preserves the flavor, natural antioxidants, vitamins, micronutrients, and overall wholesomeness of fruits and vegetables without altering its original taste or nutritional value.

5. Prolongs the freshness of fruits and vegetables by slowing down the onset of decay and extending their shelf life.

6. It is not a soap hence does not leave its residue, smell or aftertaste on your produce.

7. It does not contain harmful preservatives, bleach, sulphates, parabens, soap, chlorine, VOCs, QUACs, or alcohol. It is a Non-carcinogenic, Non-toxic solution. Free of any artificial fragrance or dye.

8. A small quantity goes a long way. It serves up to 75 no. of washes with one container. Only 10 ml needed for 2 liters of water.


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