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Eye Shadows: The Key To Eye-conic Makeup Looks

When it comes to creating mesmerising eye makeup, eyeshadows are the secret weapon. These versatile pigments allow you to transform your eyes from subtle to dramatic, and everything in between. Whether you’re a makeup enthusiast or a professional artist, Smytten’s eyeshadow palette category is your gateway to endless possibilities.

Choose From A Variety Of Eyeshadow Types and Colours

At Smytten, we understand that every eye deserves its own spotlight. That’s why we offer a diverse range of eyeshadow types and colours to suit your unique style:

  1. Liquid Eyeshadows: For a bold and intense look, liquid eyeshadows are your go-to. Their creamy texture glides on effortlessly, delivering vibrant pigments that last all day. Whether you’re going for a sultry smoky eye or a shimmering halo effect, the best eyeshadow palettes are the liquid ones.
  2. Matte Eyeshadows: If you prefer a soft, velvety finish, matte eyeshadows are perfect. These powdery wonders come in an array of shades, from earthy neutrals to bold jewel tones. Create depth, contour, and dimension with ease.
  3. Shimmer Eyeshadows: Want to add a touch of glamour? Shimmer eyeshadow kits are your best bet. Their light-reflecting particles catch the light beautifully, making your eyes sparkle. Whether it’s a night out or a special occasion, shimmer shadows elevate your look instantly.
  4. Glitter Eyeshadows: When you’re feeling extra festive, reach for glitter eyeshadows. These dazzling gems are packed with glitter particles that create a dazzling effect. Apply them to the centre of your lids or along the lower lash line for a playful twist.
  5. Sparkly Eyeshadows: For a subtle glimmer, opt for sparkly eyeshadows. They strike the perfect balance between shimmer and matte, giving your eyes a luminous finish. Ideal for daytime looks or when you want a touch of radiance.
  6. Colored Eyeshadows: Eyeshadow makeup kits come in a spectrum of colours: nude, black, purple, pink, and blue. Mix and match to express your mood and personality. Whether you’re creating a monochromatic look or experimenting with contrasting shades, Smytten has you covered.

Try Eyeshadow Free Samples Before Buying

We believe in the power of trial and error. That’s why we offer up to 6 trial packs for just ₹235. Yes, you read that right! Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose your favourite eyeshadow shades from our collection.
  2. Add them to your cart as trial packs.
  3. Pay ₹235 upfront.
  4. Receive your trial packs at home.
  5. Try them out and discover your favourites.
  6. Get ₹235 cashback in your Smytten wallet.

The benefits of our free samples are twofold:

  • Exploration: Experiment with different shades and textures of makeup eyeshadow without committing to full-size products.
  • Confidence: Once you’ve found your holy grail eyeshadow, use the cashback to purchase the full-size version with confidence.

Buy Eyeshadow Online at Smytten

Why choose Smytten for your eyeshadow needs? Here’s why:

  1. Variety: We curate lifestyle from top brands. You can shop for eye makeup, including eye kajal, mascara, and eye lashes extensions, from brands like Swiss Beauty, Lakme, Sugar, Maybelline, Wet n Wild, Makeup Revolution, Faces Canada, and MyGlamm. Whether you’re a fan of drugstore favourites or luxury picks, we’ve got it all.
  2. Authenticity: At Smytten, authenticity is non-negotiable. Rest assured that every eyeshadow you purchase is genuine and high-quality.
  3. Convenience: Skip the queues and shop from the comfort of your home. Our user-friendly website and app make browsing and buying a breeze.
  4. Expert Advice: Need help choosing the perfect palette? Our beauty experts are just a click away. Chat with them for personalised recommendations.


Q: Can I use eyeshadow as eyeliner?

A: Absolutely! Some eyeshadows double as eyeliners. Use an angled brush to apply your favourite shade along the lash line for a soft, smudged effect.

Q: What’s the difference between eyeshadow sticks and regular eyeshadows?

A: Eyeshadow sticks are convenient and travel-friendly. They come in stick form and can be applied directly to the eyelids. Regular eyeshadows are usually in powder or cream form and require brushes for application.

Q: How do I make my eyeshadow last all day?

A: To make your eyeshadow last longer, you should start with an eyeshadow primer to create a smooth base. Don’t forget to set your eyeshadow with a setting spray or translucent powder. 


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