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50 ml

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French Essence
Triumph (Body Spray Deodorant)
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Perfume for Men & Women that keeps you feeling fresh all day long. A long day needs long-lasting freshness. Here's a unisex deo that helps keep the freshness and confidence intact all day long. It cares for your underarm skin while giving you protection against body odour all day long. Meet the perfect deo for unisex, which offers long-lasting freshness and body odour protection, so that you can enjoy your long day with supreme confidence and zeal.

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We ensure that good things last for as long as your heart wants. French Essence body spray scent stays with you for long and retains your charm.


- UNISEX DEODORANT: Bathe in the cooling French essence of TRIUMPH and spark your surroundings with a new aura. The splashes of Mediterranean seas, when combined with the evergreen rosemary, intensify freshness and makes you irresistible. Feel the symphony of coriander notes and base tones of cedarwood that give this deodorant an unparalleled elegance.

- ABOUT US (50 Years of Experience): Vanesa is one of the oldest and leading aerosol manufacturers in India, carrying more than 50 years of experience. With numerous well-known perfumes under our umbrella, we are proud to be 400+ skilled professionals. We are a Private Label Company that produces 6 Million units every month.

- WITH LOVE FROM FRANCE: With handpicked and exotic ingredients sourced from France, the formulations embellishing the body spray are carefully crafted by the French masters of fragrances and aromas. While we have bottled the goodness of French essence, the body sprays adapt to the Indian climatic conditions and skin type.

- PLEASING & LONG-LASTING SPRAY: We ensure that good things last as long as your heart wants. French Essence body spray scent stays with you for long and retains your charm.


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