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Sorich Organics
Sweet BBQ Nut Mix
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NUTRIENT-RICH SWEET BARBEQUE NUT MIX - Mouth watering sweet & tangy flavored nut nix will satiate your hunger pangs & fulfill your daily requirements of nutrition. Rich in antioxidants, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, and Protein.

INCREDIBLY HEALTHY - Packed with dietary fiber, the mixture of different nuts suppress your appetite and help in weight loss. Comprising zero cholesterol and no trans-fat, nut mix can also boost your heart health. Rich in nutrition, these seeds help in relieving the symptoms of insomnia.

BARBEQUE FLAVOR FOR TANGINESS – These BBQ flavored nut mix comes with a twist of spicy barbeque flavor to tickle your taste buds. You can use them to garnish your favorite salads and soup or sprinkle them on cakes and muffins for crunchiness and tanginess.

100% ORGANIC, NO NASTIES - Our nuts are 100% organic, vegan, gluten-free and only contain the goodness of natural ingredients. These healthy nuts are devoid of artificial colors, preservatives and flavors.

NATURAL SOURCING - We source our items directly from the farms. We work directly with farmers and follow natural processing techniques to keep the nutritional value of nuts intact.


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