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Satin Skin Trial Kit
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What's in this combo

Flexi Body Razor | Aloe Smooth

1 Unit


Shea Butter Hair Removal Cream

15 gms


Full Body Wax Strips For Dry Skin For Women

Pack of 4

This Kit contains:

1) Flexi Body Razor Aloe Smooth | 1 Unit | Bombae:

Bombae is a premium personal care and grooming solutions brand committed to delivering truly remarkable customer experiences. Bombae Flexi Disposable Razor for Women for your fine grooming and shaving experience. Your shaving regime should always be organized and extraordinary, so you have a smooth experience every time you decide to shave. These Disposable Razors have an Aloe Strip which helps you with easy shaving and also retains moisture. Very smooth on the skin, it is suitable for both wet and dry shaves and removes even the smallest of hair. Hence, Swish, Swipe and Flex with Bombae and call it a deal!

2) Wax Strips | Pack of 4 | Bombae:

Aloe-ha: Contains soothing and calming aloe vera for full body wax for sensitive skin

Extra-large strips: 25% extra coverage to work on large areas of the body quickly

Long lasting smoothness for sensitive skin: Strips enriched with Aloe vera that leaves skin feeling soft & smooth. Post-wax soothing wipes enriched with coconut for perfect finish

Perfect for entire body: Effective for application on legs, arms, underarms & bikini line

Removes super short hair: Effective at removing hair as short as 1.5mm

3) Hair Removal Cream | 15 g | Bombae:

Smooth to put on: Enriched with shea butter, aloe vera, and refreshing citrus fragrance

Smoother to take off: Removes hair from hand, legs, underarms, and bikini line within 3-6 minutes with no smell

Smoothest to touch: Mess-free hair removal for women with no darkening and no drying

Dermatologically tested: Safe to use hair removal cream for women

Contains a spatula to spread and remove hair removal cream

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