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Man Of The Hour Trial Kit
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What's in this combo

Phy Charcoal Deep Cleansing Face Wash

15 ml

Wild Stone

Intense Black No Gas Deo

40 ml


Eau De Toilette PHY Black Mini

5 ml

This Kit contains:

1) Intense Black No Gas Deo | Wild Stone | 40ml:

Own your bold confident personality with all-new Wild Stone Intense Black. Its deep, sensual and sizzling fragrance upbeat your daily charisma in the office and compliment the confidence in yourself. Wild Stone Intense, no-gas deo promises a fragrance that is modern, exotic, and incredibly intense. Its woody warm fragrance flaunts your ruling persona, immersing people into the depth and mystery of your fragrance. Nothing compliments your elegance more than the woody and amber notes of black. The top notes of the fragrance intoxicate you with the exquisite natural oils -mandarin, lemon, tangerine. It evolves into a fine heart note of lavender oil with a warm, comforting and strong base highlighted by cedarwood and musk, it isn't just strong and long-lasting but also irresistible. Wear it daily and unravel the boss in you. Get yours every arrival noticeable with Wild Stone intense black, a signature scent that you will never forget.

2) Eau De Toilette PHY Black Mini | Phy | 5 ml:

Spicy, seductive, and something special - meet Phy Black. Top notes of saffron and Sichuan pepper, middle tones of amber and oud, and base notes of leather, papyrus, and styrax - this is the scent of luxury.

3) Phy Charcoal Deep Cleansing Face Wash | Phy | 15ml:

Product Description Phy Charcoal Face Wash is powered by activated charcoal and goes deep into your pores to draw out excess oil and dirt leaving you with cleansed and smooth skin. Devoid of nasty parabens and sulphates, this pure-vegan face wash is perfectly suitable for oily skin or combination skin. It will give you the skin detox you have been looking for. Features Removes dirt and impurities. Cleanses clogged pores. Controls sebum production. It helps the skin retain moisture. How to use Wet your face with water. Take a coin-sized amount onto your palms. Lather up and rinse off. Pat dry with a towel. Follow it up with a moisturizer. For best results, use this charcoal face wash twice daily.


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