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Adiveda Natural
Revive All Eau De Perfume
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Imagine having an exotic perfume that you and your partner can wear all time. Even when running late, you don't have to think about male or female perfume. A few sprays of this perfume, and you are all set to go anywhere and make the most of it. 

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 Long-lasting fragrance that keeps you fresh all day long.


 - To solve your problems, we are here with Revive Unisex EDP natural exotic perfume with blends of fruity and woody notes. You don't have to own many bottles, just the right one, and your life will be sorted. 

 - The earthy perfume with top notes of Mandarin orange, Ginger & Pink Pepper, heart notes of Vetiver & Patchouli, and base notes of Musk, Brazilian rosewood, and Amber. The top notes will give you a fruity and spicy scent, whereas while coming to the base, you will experience scents that are intense. 

 - You don't have to put in a lot of effort, 2-3 sprays, and you will be sorted for good for 6to 8 hours. The alcohol-free perfume carries natural sprays, which will give you an aromatic smell. Due to natural oils, your perfume will smell intense, so don't spray a lot. 

 - So now is the time to shop for this beautiful earthy perfume because waiting is not what we will recommend to you!


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