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Hydration Boost Set
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What's in this combo

Toning Water

25 ml


Watermelon Super Glow Gel Face Wash

15 ml


Hydrating Face Gel

10 ml


Deep Moisturiser

10 ml

This Kit Contains:

1) Toning Water | 25 ml | Jaivique:

An alcohol-free hypoallergenic astringent toner for dry & sensitive skin that refreshes skin & tightens pores.

2) Deep Moisturiser | 10ml | Jaivique:

The best anti-ageing and under eye cream formulation with bakuchiol, a natural alternative to retinol, a miracle anti-ageing ingredient. Designed as a night moisturizer, this product is formulated to reverse the damage that the environmental factors inflict upon the skin during the day. However it can be used day and night as bakuchiol, unlike retinol does not make the skin sensitive to light.

3) Hydrating Face Gel | 10ml | Jaivique:

A water-based clear gel for face that gets absorbed quickly into the skin leaving a light sheen on the skin surface. As this product was formulated for use during daytime, the idea was to promote hydration without leaving the skin oily. This was achieved by adding natural osmolyte betaine that protects the cells from environmental stress and dehydration by controlling cell water balance and also using hyaluronic acid that provides an instant boost of hydration on application.

4) Watermelon Super Glow Gel Face Wash | 15ml | DOT & KEY:

Cleanse your skin while giving it a juicy burst of hydration with Dot & Key’s Watermelon Superglow Facial Cleanser specially formulated to leave your skin feeling energized, smooth and prepped for the rest of your routine. Along with Watermelon actives, Vitamin C and Cucumber extracts, this fuss-free cleanser leaves skin smooth, glowing and prepped for the rest of your routine. Free from sulphates, it helps clear build-up and dead cells bringing out a bright and super glowy complexion.

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