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Calm With Cucumber Trial Kit
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What's in this combo
Vagad's Khadi

Mint Cucumber Face Spray

30 ml

Bella Vita

Organics Eyelift Under Eye Gel Crème

5 ml

Smytten Picks

Calm With Cucumber Pouch

1 unit


Cucumber Facial Sheet Mask - Reduces Fine Lines, Calms The Skin

1 Unit

This Kit contains:

1) Cucumber Beauty Facial Sheet Mask | Masking | 1 Unit:

Cucumber extract is composed largely of proteins, lipids, Vitamin C, and a variety of minerals help to clear the pores. Firm and tighten the skin and reduce fine lines and premature aging. Enrich with real Extracts of Cucumber for Skin Calming.

2) Bella Vita Organics Eyelift Under Eye Gel Crème | Bella Vita Organic | 5ml:

The Bella Vita Organic Under Eye Gel is your one-hit, all-natural answer to dark circles, puffiness under the eyes and dehydrated skin. Hydration, protection and lightening come easy for this Under Eye gel as it is carefully curated with natural ingredients like Cucumber, Bakuchi, Aloe Vera & Almond Oil, among others. With high levels of water content and Vitamin K, Cucumber soothes and de-puffs the eyes, Bakuchi is natural retinol that improves skin elasticity and smooths out fine lines. Almond Oil & Vitamin E work to protect the sensitive skin under your eyes from UV rays, lighten dark circles and moisturize without irritating the skin.

3) Mint Cucumber Face Spray | Vagads khadi | 30ml:

Vagad's Khadi mint & cucumber face & Body Mist gives the skin a refreshing & soothing effect. Mint has antibacterial properties which effectively prevent acne & remove dirt from the pores, making them smoother & healthier. The cucumber extract has cooling properties that help reduce swelling and puffiness

4) Calm With Cucumber Pouch | Smytten | 1 unit:

These paper bags are designed with bright and vibrant colours, tropical patterns, and beach-themed motifs, making them perfect for summertime. Not only are these bags a great way to keep your sunscreen and shades, but they're also eco-friendly and totally on-trend!


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