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Protein Muesli Fudge - Dutch Chocolate
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ADDED WHEY PROTEIN : With 15g Protein per serving , Calvay's VegRich Protein Muesli is fortified with World's best sources of Protein -100% Natural, Upto 99% Bio Available Protein & source of all 9 essential Amino Acids.

NATURALLY SWEETENED: Unlike most Muesli's our Muesli is not sweetened with refined sugar or honey or jaggery. Primarily we make use of Wholesome dates in raw powdered form to bring you the natural sweeteness

WHOLESOME INGREDIENTS: Goodness of Rolled Oats ,Almonds, Black Raisins, Sugar Free Wheat Flakes and Flax seeds makes our Muesli more Wholesome and delivers upto 4 g of Fiber per serving

KEEPS YOU FULL LONGER: Ideal combination of High Protein from Whey and High Fiber from Muesli, naturally keeps you full for long as it takes longer to digest thereby delaying the urge to unnecessarily munch or snack.

PORTION CONTROL POUCHES: All our servings come in measured portion pouches of 55g each. This way you get a control on overeating and also lets you carry your pouch wherever needed - hassel free

READY TO EAT QUICK BREAKFAST SNACK: Have our protein muesli quickly without hassel

IDEAL FOR FITNESS & HEALTH CONSCIOUS : This is best rated protein breakfast for athletes, gym-enthusiasts, weight management diets with high protein requirement to support muscle growth.

100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS USED: All range of our products are made with completely natural ingredients, no artificial flavours and no chemicals


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