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3 units x 12ml

Eau De Parfum Fragrance Kit (For Men)




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Elevate your every aromatic experience with the highest quality luxury perfumes by Adiveda Natural. This kit is beautifully curated with a wide variety of mind-blowing and all-natural aromatic experience to uplift your mood every time you use them. Each of these scents embodies a facet of Italian love within a matt finish heavy-duty bottle.

This kit contains :

1) Bash Perfume After finding various charming notes, this smoky rose EDP was created for a man with sensuality and class. This perfume is for men who prefer a natural spray that breaks the uniformity and gives out a smell that is not only pleasant but aromatic too. This perfume breaks the rules of perfumery which restricts flowers to only women and puts together flowers into masculine fragrances. Long lasting and free from alcohol, this fragrance is surely a scent to remember.

2) Cerf Noir Perfume A man with an energetic and confident personality requires something as vibrant as the personality. Spice up your personality with Cerf Noir EDP for men’s spicy musk perfume. The heart requires spiciness and woody musky perfumes, wearing them will make your personality extravagant wherever you go. Compliment your looks with this beauty and embrace yourself inside out.  The bottle opens up with woods and spice, with patchouli and Amber at heart, musk and moss at the base. Your intensity will speak deep and spicy initially but later effects of warmness and earthiness together will make your masculinity pour. 

3) Musc D'or Perfume Luxury is what we all want to own. No matter if it is a piece of clothing, a bag or a perfume, luxury is what our heart craves for and getting that is easy with this musky woody perfume Musc D'or EDP for Men. The perfume is a blend of scents that relaxes your mind while smelling it. The sweetness of flowers will give you a feel of home and musk will add an extra edge to your fresh floral perfume.

When spraying the perfume, focus on the strategic pulse points all over your body. By doing this, you can increase the longevity of the fragrance. The important pulse points which you need to focus on are the collar bone, inside your elbow and wrists, behind knees and ears, and on the chest and torso. Avoid areas like underarms, near your eyes, and around your genitals. Keep a distance of 10-15 cm while spraying and ensure that you don’t rub your wrists as by doing this, you can destroy the structure of the scent and keep your vanity special bottle into a cool, dark, and dry ambiance.


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