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Uncle Tony
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Uncle Tony

The Shaviour Pack



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The Uncle Tony Shaviour Pack Combo Includes:

1. Uncle Tony Shaving Foam: 
Enhanced with a distinct fragrance, Uncle Tony Shaving Foam is a must-have in your everyday routine. The gentle and rich lather of the foam will envelop your skin into a cocoon of cleanliness while its active ingredients increase razor glide and prevent redness. Promising to give you the best shave of your life, the Shaving Foam cleanses, refreshes and tones skin without causing any inflammations or damage. Post shave, you will feel fresh and moisturised. Crafted from high-quality ingredients and cruelty-free.

2. Uncle Tony Razor Handle:
Designed ergonomically to enhance your shaving experience, the Razor Handle by Uncle Tony is a testament to good design and good product. The premium German 5 Blade Razor gives you the best shave of your life - smooth and safe. The Handle comes with 5 blades placed close together for comfort and safety and are highlighted by their amorphous diamond coating that promises sharpness and durability. The Razor Handle comes with a built-in styling trimmer built into the back of the cartridge. 

3. Uncle Tony Blade 5 System 4 Blade Cartridge Pack:
The secret to a good shave lies in its blade - and with Uncle Tony Blade 5 System 4 Blade Cartridge Pack, you’re guaranteed a smooth face, without redness or irritation for days to come! Crafted from German steel, the amorphous diamond-coated blades deliver sharpness and durability to your look, making it easier to look on-point wherever you go. With their L shape for easy rinse through and pivoting head, these blades will ensure that they give you a safe and comfortable shave.

4. Uncle Tony Beard Comb:
Crafted for the discerning man on-the-move, this Beard Comb by Uncle Tony is stylish, utilitarian and a statement all in one! Crafted from Chrome Plated CR Steel, this is the best way to groom your beard when you’re out and about - especially since it fits within your wallet easily! An irresistible plus point? It has a built-in bottle opener too! Let the Good Times roll.

- Uncle Tony Shaving Foam cleanses, refreshes and tones skin, prevents redness- It has rich and creamy lather, gentle, easy to use- Premium German Blade Razor for a smooth shave, 5 Blades placed together for comfort and safety- It is sharp and durable, in-built styling trimmer, push button for easy release, easy to handle- Uncle Tony Blade 5 System 4 Blade Cartridge Pack crafted with German precision, Amorphous Diamond-Coated- It has pivoting head for easy shave, 5 blade system for close shave- Uncle Tony Beard Comb prevents itchiness, removes dust from beard, grooms beard within minutes- Beard Comb easy to carry, perfect for necklines and toplines, built-in bottle opener

Menthol, Glycerin and Aloe Extract.

How to use:
- Uncle Tony Shaving Foam cleanses: Apply a coin-sized amount onto your palm. Evenly apply across your face. Lather it up gently. Shave and style as you wish. Clean face with warm water. Pat dry.- Premium German Blade Razor: Apply shaving foam before you start. Shave with the grain from top to bottom. Rinse razor while shaving. Clean it thoroughly once done- Attach blade to Uncle Tony Razor Handlw. Enjoy your shave. Rinse between use. Thoroughly clean after use.- Uncle Tony Beard Comb your beard from root to tip at the topline level. At the neckline level, comb your beard diagonally to shape it. Use daily for best results.

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