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Scent Shot
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Scent Shot

Voodoo for Women



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About the Product:

For someone with a mysterious personality, a good perfume is everything. She walks around leaving a faint trail of scent behind, letting everyone wonder about her. She is a secret in herself that everyone wants to know. She is attractive, charming and mesmerising all at the same time. If you are someone like this, Scent Shot Voodoo is just for you. As the name goes, it casts a spell on anyone who takes a whiff of the scent around you, bringing them closer to you.

Scent Shot Voodoo has a handpicked scent made to suit this mesmerising mysterious personality. It has 7 international fragrances namely Opulent Pour Femme by MPF, Treasure Night by Baugsons, Creation Femme by Creation, Desire by Lomani, Gold by Louis Cardin, Warble by Mural De Ruitz and Seduce Midnight by Rich & Ruitz. All these scents come in handmade glass vial with about 5 ml perfume present in each. The vials are sealed with high quality silicon glue to prevent it from spilling. It also contains a spray nozzle on top for making it easy for you to use.

Each pack contains stylish looking plastic case with 7 international fragrance vials, carry case and instruction guide. The pack is designed in such way that it can be carried around in a handbag or luggage bag. The carry case is also very small and ergonomically designed to fit into palm of your hand and clutch bags. Get this marvellous smelling collection of perfume or any of the other Scent Shot variants according to your personality at a cheap price only on Perfumebooth.



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