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Menstrual Cup - Large + Natural Sanitary Pads - Pack of 4 (1R+2L+1XL) , Combo Pack of 2



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This Combo Includes:
1. Avni Menstrual Cup (Large, 36ml):
• Avni Menstrual cup is made of 100% medical grade silicone
• Designed for first time users. Soft enough for insertion, Firm enough to quickly open inside
• Ideal for beginners, teenagers and first time users
• Made in India, Medically approved
• No added colors, hypo-allergenic
• Upto 12 hours protection, Lasts for at least 4 years
• Packed in cloth storage pouch and canister
• Capacity is 36 ml. Height is 6.6 cms, Diameter is 4.4 cms and Knob is 1.5 cms

- Soft enough for easy insertion
- Upto 12 hours reliable leak proof protection
- Reusable upto 4 years
- No added color, No mess

2. Avni Natural Sanitary Pads - Pack of 4 (1R+2L+1XL):
• Avni Natural Sanitary Pads trial pack contains 1 Regular, 2 Large and 1 X-Large pads for light to very heavy flow
• Made of 7 layers of natural cotton and biodegradable ultra absorbent core
• Wider back and contoured shape helps in a better coverage and fit
• These absorb 1.5 times more than regular cotton pads
• Each pad comes with a disposal bag made of recycled paper with a Red Dot printed on it
• We do not allow any plastic, dioxins, chlorine or toxic chemicals touch you or the sanitation worker who handles your disposed pad"

- 100% natural cotton
- Rash & irritation free skin
- Free from dioxins, chlorine, perfumes & chemicals
- Breathable bottom layer for comfortable airflow
- One pad absorbs for 4-6 hours

How to use:
Avni Menstrual Cup:

- Sterilize The Cup Before Using By Placing In Boiling Water For 5 Minutes
- Do Not Allow He Cup To Touch The Surface Of The Vessels
- Once Done Allow It To Dry Or Wipe It
- Wash Your Hands Clean, Sit In A Squat Position Or Keep One Leg On The Toilet Seat
- Fold The Cup In Your Favourite Fold - C Fold Or Punch Down Fold
- Take A Deep Breath, Find Your Vagina And Insert It. Once The Cup Is Fully Inside Release It.
- You Can Rotate The Base Of The Cup If It Has Not Opened Fully Inside
- While Removing, Pinch The Base Of The Cup With Two Fingers And Pull The Cup Outside
- Wash It With Clean Water And Re-Insert
- After Using For Entire Cycle, Sterilize It Using The Above Process, Wipe Dry And Store In The Cloth Pouch Provided Alongwith

Avni Natural Cotton Sanitary Pads:
- Take The Avni Natural Cotton Pad Out Of The Disposal Bag
- Open The Pad, Remove The Release Paper - Place The Pad Onto The Underwear And Stick The Wings Around It On The Backside
- Once Used Roll The Pad Properly And Put It In The Disposal Bag Provided And Throw In The Dustbin

Shelf Life: 36 Months

Country of Origin: India



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