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It is said that men are from Mars and women from Venus, some things are essential for both men and women, and they are the things you cannot live without. Roll-On Deodorants for men & perfumes for women fall under that category. No one wants a sweaty and smelly underarm, but it's common during the humid summer. While a good cologne, body mist, and perfume are the fragrances that are needed in your wardrobe, deodorants and roll-ons are your best everyday buddies. So it is time to pick up hat roll-on deodorant lying on the last shelf of your washroom and keep it on your top shelf and use its subtle powers to overcome the sweat and odor. Types of Unisex Deodorants • Spray Deodorant- Now we all have used it and swear by the power of spray deodorants. These deodorants are great for quick refreshments between your gym sessions, boosting confidence during meetings and presentations, or having a fantastic date. You need to shake the spray, and you're always ready to smell amazing! • Roll-On Deodorants- Roll-On deodorants for men come in smaller bottles as compared to spray deodorants. All you need to do is, glide the roll-on directly onto your underarms and other contours of your body. Its long-lasting formula helps fight body odor for a longer time. • Gel Deodorants- Gel Deodorants have a cream-like invisible texture and come in almost the same bottle as roll-on deodorants. Applying gel deodorant requires you to use your hand. Push the gel to the top, take that in your fingers and rub the gel in your underarms. Let it dry, and dress up. Although gel deodorants last longer, they are more costly than roll-on deodorants price. • Solid Perfumes- Solid perfumes are like soap in a container, similar to a roll-on. Its smooth formulation and creamy consistency make glide on your underarms easy. Try Unisex Deos and Roll-ons with Smytten How do you settle for the best roll-on deodorant for women and men with so many options? Choosing the best roll-on deodorant is a tough job. It would help if you had that perfect balance between masculine and feminine smell. There are different types of unisex deodorants available in the market. Each with different fragrances, prices, and textures- it becomes essential to choose only the best deodorant perfumes. But how? Here's a little secret, you can choose Smytten and browse the variety of free trials we have for you. Smytten provides a platform where you can evaluate the best roll-ons via free trials and then choose the one that suits you best. Things can go wrong if not tried before. For selecting a deodorant that caters to men looking for pure masculinity and women looking for feminine powers with a splash of fragrance- you can't afford to go wrong by not choosing the best. Reasons Why You Should Try Unisex Does Before You Buy Them You cannot buy fragrances by checking the packaging. You have to smell it and know. So if you are juggling between finding the best deodorant perfume, let us help you here. Do you know which deodorant is most suitable for your skin type? Luckily, Smytten offers free trials that can make you aware of it. • Not familiar with your favorite fragrance? Why not try it now? Free trials from Smytten help you discover your favorite. • A single trial can also determine which deodorant will last longer, which might leave stains on your outfit and which one won't cover your body odor. FAQs 1. What is the difference between deodorant and perfume? Choosing perfumes will let you enjoy the surrounding scents. On the other hand, deodorants are recommended if looking to remove body odor. Also, deodorants and perfumes are applied to different parts of your skin. 2. What is the difference between antiperspirant and deodorant? You use a deodorant to mask the odor and use an antiperspirant to reduce sweating. Both products work wherever they are applied directly to the skin, most commonly under the arms. Deodorant and antiperspirant are often combined into one product. 3. Why does deodorant turn white and leave stains? Antiperspirant deodorants often cause this problem. This deodorant leaves a chalky residue on the skin due to aluminum salt in its composition. Never use deodorant on your clothes; apply it to your skin.

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