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Honey is golden in its colour and worth more than gold due to its uses and magnetic properties. It has more to it than just its sweetness. Honey is entirely underrated. It has excellent benefits and is an efficient natural sweetener. Honey has a peculiarly rich sweet aroma that greatly enhances whichever delicacy it is added in. It is way more than just sugar or a natural sweetener. It is sweet but does not let blood sugar levels go berserk. Hence, even people with high blood sugar can consume it. It contains fructose, a natural sugar that has the highest sweetening index, making honey very sweet and decadent. Why should you choose honey over sugar? Sugar and honey are most commonly and widely used as sweeteners. Both the substances add sweetness to foods efficiently. But, they have different viscosities, textures, and nutritional aspects. Both Honey and sugar are carbohydrates and contain glucose and fructose. However, it must be noted that Sugar is high on the Glycemic index. In simpler words, it raises blood sugar levels rapidly. This is because of the higher degree of fructose present in sugar and the absence of trace minerals. On the other hand, Honey houses more calories than sugar and is sweeter but is not detrimental to blood sugar levels. You will need just a tiny amount of honey to sweeten any delicacy. Honey milk is an excellent combination as it is very comforting and calming effect on the body. What are the benefits of using honey? Along with being an efficient sweetener, honey also has multiple health benefits. Honeybees collect nectar from flowers and mix it with their enzymes to form a thick, viscous, golden liquid before storing it in the honeycomb to keep it fresh. We have compiled a list of benefits that honey has. Read on and know why you should consider using honey regularly. • More nutrients: Unlike sugar, honey is nutrient-rich and contains substances mentioned below. Antioxidants Amino acids Enzymes Vitamins Minerals • It is far less processed than sugar and is just pasteurised before being packaged for usage. When it is not pasteurised, it contains a higher degree of enzymes and antioxidants. • It is a productive cough suppressant: It is well-known that honey is the best natural way to ease coughing. • It is easier to digest: Unlike sugar, honey is easier to digest. Because of its composition, regular sugar has to be ingested before it is broken down in the body. On the other hand, honey is processed by bees, and they add enzymes to it, aiding it to be in its simplest form. This ultimately makes it easier to digest. • Honey can also help relieve seasonal allergies to a great extent. Honey milk can also be consumed for comfort and relief. Why buy honey online? A lot of people are unwilling when it comes to buying honey online. They prefer buying it from stores as they find store-bought honey more reliable. But what if we tell you that it is far from reality? The honey that you see on the shelves of the stores may be at least a few months old before you buy it. When you decide to buy honey from a store, you get to choose from limited options. Stores generally have the same limited brands. Buying online gives you an edge, and you can choose from many brands. The honey that you get in stores may be highly processed and overpriced. This may be because usually, stores buy honey from factories and not authentic beekeepers. Whereas, when you buy it from an e-commerce website, you can choose natural and mildly processed honey, as per your preference. You do not have to stick to limited options because of the unavailability of options. In addition to this, you can get honey at lower prices when buying online. Try Honey With Smytten With Smytten, you can now try honey before buying it. Yes, you read it right! Smytten is the only place that allows you to try commodities before buying them. You can choose from many options and take a free trial of your favourite products. It is time you stopped buying food products blindly from stores without trying them. When the commodities do not match your expectations, it leads to disappointments and wastage of money. Smytten leaves no room for error. Reasons Why You Should Try Honey Before You Buy it Honey comes in different brands and consistencies. You cannot determine its quality and richness by merely seeing it. Trying it gives you clarity regarding its thickness, texture, and taste. You can see if it pleases your taste buds or is not worth buying. FAQs • Which sugars does honey contain? Honey contains Glucose and Fructose, which contribute to its sweetness. • Why is honey healthier than sugar? Sugar increases blood sugar levels rapidly, whereas honey does not raise blood sugar levels and lower glycemic index. • Is buying honey online a good idea? Buying online gives you an edge, and you can choose from many brands. You can select natural and mildly processed honey, as per your preference. \

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