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One8, is involved in a few business ventures. The first and most noticeable collaboration is with Puma. One8 products consist of footwear, apparel, and accessories. One8 is owned by the captain of the Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli.

What began as a shirt number on the back of a young talent has become a sporting phenomenon and an inspiration for billions in a global community that dares to express its own sense of style. One8 is a platform dedicated to honouring the legacy of a champion - Virat Kohli. Their core values are the foundations on which they rely as they progress to the next level.


Faster, better, and forever. Cheering on how sport can change us and set us free. Get into the game with a lively collection of clothes that are based on Virat Kohli's favourite looks. Every piece in one8’s famous Sportswear and Athleisure collection is made for an active person. One8 has a fit for every situation, whether it's a sporty session or a casual outing.

Because of a number of other fashion trends, the athleisure trend has grown and become more popular. Athleisure is popular because it has built-in benefits for the person wearing it, which has contributed to its widespread use.

Workplace dress codes are becoming more casual. Maybe it all started with "casual Fridays." Regardless, strict dress codes are being phased out of an increasing number of businesses and industries.

Fitness as a measure of success It's difficult to imagine a time when being overweight was a sign of success, but today, being fit is one of the indicators of success.

Fitness provides you with power. We see many men and women in the media and on social media who have changed their lives by becoming healthier and more active.

Athleisure is adaptable and simple to wear. One8 products are extremely comfortable and can be worn for a variety of activities in our hectic lives.

Features - Style

Athleisure is the current clothing trend. It demonstrates how our interest and appreciation for leading a healthy and active lifestyle is growing. Of course, you don't have to dress in athleisure to be healthy. However, wearing clothes that look good and fit well is the best way to demonstrate that you care about your health and fitness. A wardrobe of athleisure clothes from one8 reveals your true self better than a slew of useless bling.


You've probably seen clothes that attempt to look athleisure. Who wants to dress in velour yoga pants and velvet tracksuits? True athleisure clothing must be functional as well as fashionable. The true test of good athleisure gear is its functionality. They, like the one8 Workout Shorts, can be worn both in and out of the gym.


Good fabrics like one8 products are required to create good athleisure wear. Fabrics that can handle sweat, move with you, help control your temperature, and are comfortable to wear are ideal.


The right fragrance can boost your confidence before a big meeting while also keeping you from smelling bad. However, using fragrances on a regular basis is beneficial in more ways than one. Floral and fruity scents can help you relax, improve your mood, and get the sleep you need. One of the primary reasons for wearing One8 fragrances is to make oneself feel better. Putting on the right fragrance can also help show how you're feeling. One8 products come in a variety of scents to suit your mood, whether it's playful, mischievous, shy, or reserved. Choose and wear a one8 product appropriate for the occasion to help you get in the mood.


Strive for excellence, accomplish the impossible, and keep moving forward with ease that complements your hustle. The same philosophy has been applied to the entire range of one8 products for men. One8 products collection is made of high-quality materials that allow you to do more.

Women spend a lot of time picking out the right underwear, while men usually just buy a lot of the cheapest ones. Most of the time, men don't think much about their underwear because they can't see it. But underwear that is too tight, too loose, or too long can ruin your day and make you feel bad about yourself. There are many different kinds, so it's important to choose the right one for your body type if you want to be comfortable all day. And when it comes to choosing the best no one can beat one8 products. They are not just comfortable but the bestest for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy One8 now! Because you deserve nothing but the best!You can shop One8 from their website. Or you can buy One8 products and trials from Smytten as well.

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Reasons Why You Should Try One8 Products Before You Buy it

Try it before you buy it

If any of the following statements apply to you

You are still looking for your signature products

You want to experiment with different kinds of skin and body care

You’ve stuck to chemical based products so far but would love to branch out

You want to lift your mood

You’d like to switch things up but don’t know where to start!

Faq - 

1.Which all products are there in One8 Athleisure collection.

Ans - One8 athleisure clothing consists of more than just yoga pants and Sando’s. Sneakers, shorts, sweatpants, tights, gym tanks, and much more are also included. These items allow you to move freely while also looking nice.

2. Is it ok to store One8 Fragrance in the fridge?

Ans - Without a doubt, yes! Put your perfume in the fridge to keep it fresh, especially during the hot summer months. Sunlight, heat from radiators, and temperature changes can all damage perfume over time, but if stored in a cool, dark refrigerator, it can last for years.

3. Is one product good enough to be used by athletes?

Ans - Yes, they are specially made keeping in mind the sports requirements.


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