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Mirah Belle
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Mirah Belle

Disposable Face Mask - 3 Ply- Surgical Masks



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Surgical Mask A surgical mask covers the user’s nose and mouth and provides a physical barrier to fluids and particulate materials. The surgical masks referenced in this guidance document include masks that are labeled as a surgical, laser, isolation, dental or medical procedure masks with or without a face shield.

- Face masks are 3-ply protection, ear loop, easy breathable.
- 3 Ply Surgical Face Mask with Earloop
- Used in medical, dental, laboratory, food sectors, school, household, industry and multipurpose.
- Great for air pollution, Virus Protection and Personal Health
- Soft, lightweight and easy to wear.

How to use:
- Thoroughly wash and clean the face cover (as shown in next page) before wearing it.
- Wash your hands thoroughly before wearing the face cover.
- As soon as the face cover becomes damp or humid, switch to another face cover and clean the used face cover.
- Never reuse a face cover after single use without cleaning it.

Shelf Life: 36 Months

Country of Origin: India

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