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20 ml

Matador Black By Projekt Alternative Extrait De Parfum


About Matador Black By Projekt Alternative
Notes : Mandarin Orange , Patchouli , Musk , Rose , French Labdanum , Agarwood (Oud)
Inspired By : Black Aoud

- Projekt Alternative created in 2017 is an Alternative Perfume House from India.
- Projekt Alternative creates niche scents with art works inspired from Indian and other Asian Cultures.
- Projekt Alternative has been creating fragrances following collaborative testing with fragrance enthusiasts .
- Projekt Alternative deploys Finest State of the Art Manufacting in UAE. Projekt Alternative
- Made in India products are Hand Blended with Precision and Undergoes 7 Steps Process specially designer by Perfumologist which makes our Fragrances Smell Natural and Top notch.

Essential Oils , Glycerine , Aqua , Denatured Ethanol 75% v/v Refer Outer box for List of Allergans

How to use:
Our Fragrances are specially designed to be used on Skin. Projekt Alternative Blends are complex and hence fragrance evolves and transitions with time into Top , heart and base Notes. With Body Tempreture different facets of our blends are revealed Hence providing a complete olfactive journey.
Moisturise your Skin after shower and before application Hold Fragrance Bottles at distance of 20 cm from your Body and Follow Perfumologist 10 Sprays Routine as - 2 Sprays on the Neck , 2 Sprays on the Right Wrist , 2 Sprays on Left Wrist , 2 Sprays on Back of the Neck and 2 Sprays in the Air at Chest Height and Pass through the Scent Cloud.
Perfumologist recommends to do a Patch Test at Wrist or Elbow as a Fragrance mingles diffrently with every Skin Type.
If your Skin in Dry type , The Ethanol content May Dry up your Skin Further ,in such cases you may develop Contact Dermatisis - People with sensitive skin type are Advised to use Fragrances on Clothes - Remember to Spray from Distance as spraying from too close may stain your clothes. Go Grab those Compliments!

Shelf Life: 60 Months

Country of Origin: India

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