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Origins Nutra
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Origins Nutra

Nattokinase | Promote Heart Health, Natural Blood Thinner, Control High Blood Pressure



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Natural Cardiovascular Support And Blood Clot Prevention- Our Nattokinase Supplement Provides Natural Cardiovascular Support While Actively Lowering Blood Clot Formation. Like A Devoted Friend To Your Heart, It Addresses Underlying Issues That Could Lead To Heart Problems. Derived From Fermented Soybeans, It Possesses The Unique Ability To Break Down Fibrin And Prevent Clot Formation, Reducing The Risk Of Strokes And Heart Attacks.


  • COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH FOR WELL-BEING ENHANCEMENT- Origin's Nattokinase supplement goes beyond your heart health; it also takes care of other things. It helps control your cholesterol levels, strengthens your bones, eases any discomfort you might have, and even protects you from getting sick. It's like a complete package for your well-being. So, if you want to feel healthier and more lively, this supplement is here to support you every step of the way.
  • IMPROVES HEALTHY BLOOD FLOW- Origin Nutra's Nattokinase is like a traffic controller for your blood. It makes sure everything keeps moving smoothly. This supplement breaks down those pesky clots in your blood and stops your blood cells from sticking together. This way, your blood flows nicely, which is great for your heart. Think of it as an important part of your health routine.
  • CERTIFICATIONS AND QUALITY ASSURANCE- We understand that your dietary choices matter. That's why our Nattokinase is aligning with your values and lifestyle. Your health is our top priority, reflected in our manufacturing process within a GMP-certified facility, ensuring the highest standards of quality and purity.
  • SAFETY AND SIDE EFFECTS- We care about your well-being, and that's why we want to ensure you're fully informed. While Origins Nutra's Nattokinase is considered safe for most people, We advise please consult your health care professional first for any dietary changes.

How to Use:

Take one Daily at bedtime.


Made with 100% natural Nattokinase from Nattiase,Taiwan

Shelf Life:

18 Months

Country of Origin:


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