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Digestion Vital One Daily, Quercetin + Bromelain Natural Digestive Enzymes For Healthy Immune Function



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  • Tummy not allowing what your taste buds crave for? Then it’s high time you considered showering some love on your body to go on a culinary adventure. It’s time you added MuscleXP Digestion Vital One Daily to your meal plan.
  • The primary ingredients of our products are quercetin and bromelain. We have extracted them only from natural sources. Together, they speed up your body’s ability to absorb nutrients, allowing you to experiment with your love for various cuisines. Including it in your daily self-care routine will also help you avoid multiple trips to the washroom. You get to feel lively and light, free of any burden.
  • One bottle of MuscleXP Digestion Vital One Daily contains 60 vegetarian-friendly capsules. You find a perfect buddy in our product to assist you in achieving your fitness goals. Each capsule contains 100mg of quercetin and 82.5mg of bromelain.
  • Features:

    • A powerful combo of quercetin and bromelain: What makes MuscleXP Digestion Vital One Daily a potent health supplement is the presence of quercetin and bromelain, which help you solve many an issue. Whether it is fighting free radicals or reducing inflammation, this potent duo goes a long way to help you remain fit and healthy.
    • Helps improve digestive health: Enriched with natural digestive enzymes - quercetin and bromelain - MuscleXP Digestion Vital One Daily works towards keeping your gut free of irritations and promoting better utilization of nutrients. And when your gut is happy, your energy level remains unhindered, which in turn enhances your overall performance.
    • Helps maintain the immune system: By helping better digestion of food and fighting off invaders, MuscleXP Digestion Vital One Daily contributes to the improvement of your immune system. This also helps you to stay away from diseases and recover faster if attacked by one.
    • Promotes your overall well being: By helping your body perform so many functions efficiently, MuscleXP Digestion Vital One Daily helps you to take your overall well-being to the next level. It also helps you to deal with nutrient deficiencies and ensures that your energy supply never gets obstructed.

    How to Use:

    • Consume one Veg capsule a day or as suggested by your physician.
    • For better results, have it with lukewarm water.


    Quercetin, Bulking Agent [INS 460 (I)], Bromelain, Diluent (Maize starch), Anti-sticking Agent [INS 470 (iii)], Glazing Agent [INS 553 (iii)], Anti-caking agent (INS 551), Capsule Shell (INS 464), Stabilizer (INS 261 & INS 407) & colors (INS 133, INS 102 & INS 171)

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