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100% Organic Tampon with Applicator for Medium flow



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There's a lot to be said about being eco-friendly, but when it comes to tampons, you can't be any more responsible than that. That's why Cambio is here to help you out with the best organic 100% cotton tampons that are also biodegradable! Not only this, they are FDA approved and dermatologically tested, making them the perfect tampons for your delicate skin.

Now grab yourself some Cambio organic cotton tampons because there's no need for anything else!

Features :

  • Cotton: Our cotton grows in an organic field where the soil is untouched by chemicals for over three years, and is GOTS certified and 100% organic. Our natural sanitary products are safe for the earth and keep you warm like a mother’s hug.
  • Cotton Lock Technology: Cambio tampons are the first in India to come with a Cotton-lock technology, that avoid tampon fibre shedding. Ordinary tampons leave a residue in your vagina leading to a disturbed PH balance and UTIs. Say yes to Cambio for a healthy vagina.
  • String: When you think it’s time to change your tampon just pull the interval thread and give your vagina some time to breathe. The interval thread will remind you that your vagina needs a break too.
  • Paper Wrap: Our packaging is made from biodegradable material just like our products, creating a new wave of change for a better period and a better environment.
  • Disposable bag: Say goodbye to black bags with our sanitary sacks that come with the individual product for an easy disposal. Have a carefree period and leave the hassle to us!
  • Certification: Tampons - 100% biodegradable, certified Organic cotton, GOTS, FDA, cruelty free, vegan, dermat and gynaec

How to Use :

  • Step 1: Wash your hands thoroughly to prevent germ entry.
  • Step 2: Find a comfortable position. Sitting on the toilet with your legs wide open. Squatting down with your knees apart. Standing and resting one foot up the toilet bowl.
  • Step 3: Keep your body relaxed and insert the tampon aiming toward your lower back.
  • Step 4: Wear your tampon for 4-6 hours depending on your flow. You can remove it while peeing.
  • Step 5: Dispose of the used tampons safely in our eco-friendly disposal bag.

Shelf Life :

36 Months 

Country of Origin :


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