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Lip Plumping Essential | Plumper Device, RED & PINK


ROTOUCH Prolips lip plumping device is a Lip Plumping System is a smart, safe & effective solution to get those desired fuller and plumper lips in minutes without having to go through any painful and expensive lip augmentation surgeries or lip injections. It’s uniquely controlled 3 mode design utilises gentle & proven vacuum technology at a carefully regulated pressure to enhance blood flow into the capillaries of your lips, that helps reduce fine lines and drooping angles while giving you 3X Fuller looking lips!


  • Protouch Lip Plumping Drops is enriched with caffeine, tripeptide and grape seed ext. that helps you archive those pouty & plumper looking lips with an instant boost of hydration!
  • Protouch Lip Plumper enhance the blood flow on the lips to make it look fuller & plumper almost immediately, making it a fantastic lip line eraser for that soft, kissable pucker you’ve been craving.

How to Use:

  • Prep your lips with PROTOUCH Lip Plumping Drops or your favorite lip balm.
  • Choose your preferred shaped attachment and place the device head on your lips.
  • Switch on the device to your preferred intensity from 3 given options.
  • Keep it on for few seconds and repeat the same for desired results.

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