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Yoga Mat (13 mm) Extra Thick NBR Material for Men and Women, Exercise Mats with Carrying Strap for Workout, Yoga, Fitness, Pilates (Blue)



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What do you do when the itch to perform a few Yoga asanas overwhelms you in the bedroom? No, the floor is a bad option, and an equally terrible idea is to try out the bed mattress. What you need is something that is not only soft but also water and sweat-resistant. What you need is MuscleXP Yoga Mat. Its premium material will ensure that sweat drifts off its surface and you don’t slip on it. Is there a better way to pursue a peaceful Yoga session than this?

Search for inner peace should not be bogged down by the thoughts of injuring your spine. Remove all the ‘what if I fall thoughts’ as now you have the security of our 183 cm long, 61 cm wide, and 13 mm thick mat. Being water-resistant does not make it difficult to wash either; lather with soap and spray with water and the premium NBR material is as good as new. NBR materials ensure MuscleXP Yoga Mat weathers all abuse, and survives the regular wear and tear, too.

Its longevity gives you the perfect buy-it & forget-it experience as you won’t have to rack your brains for a replacement ever so often. Carry it with elan; we have provided you with the strap. Its gentle blue color completely complements your goal of attaining peace of mind as you step on it to start your asanas.

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