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400 gm

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DrFitness+ Double Toning Tube Latex Tube Body Enhancer For Women & Men with Door Anchor, Workout, Home Gym and Toning, For Arms, Legs, Shoulders (Black)



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Regular exercise and toning of the body are necessary to stay fit. However, our fast-paced lifestyle sometimes makes it inconvenient to visit the gym every day. Having simple gym like equipment at home will make things easier. MuscleXP DrFitness+ Double Toning Tube equipped with Door Anchor handles helps you do this.


  • MuscleXP DrFitness+ Double Toning Tube with Handles and Door Anchor is a perfect tool to build muscles. Moreover, it is useful for toning the arms, necks, shoulders, back and abs. It is highly suitable for weight loss, pilates, muscle toning, exercises, strengthening, stretching, and general health.
  • They are perfect for muscle building, fat burning, weight loss, cross fitness training, pilates, yoga and improving fitness levels. It is made from top-quality material. The exercise resistance ropes are made from 100 % natural latex, polypropylene handle, which provides a sturdy grip and an adjustable knob.
  • On the whole, you need to get the maximum strength and resistance. The tube length dimensions may be without a handle which can be 46 Inches or 55 Inches.
  • Perfect for Shredding the Fat and Building Muscles: These two are the ultimate goals of a body workout. Muscles and shredding fat is the ultimate total body workout goals that you want to achieve with the heavy resistance of the toning tube.

How to Use:

To use the door anchor or resistance band or the loop and the wedge into the door frame which comes by the closing of the door. There are several ways to tone the muscles across your body right from the biceps, shoulders, waist to oblique muscles.

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