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Gemblue biocare
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Gemblue biocare

Fruit gel Scrub, Cream, Mask & Gel



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The GemBlue BioCare Fruit Facial Scrub is enriched with multi-fruit enzymes that are natural and combined with highly effective ingredients. Formulated to promote beauty naturally, our facial scrub helps in treating skin issues. Fruit present in it soothes the skin after removing all the impurities present in it. The dry lines and wrinkles get reduced visibly with the regular massage of this facial scrub. The Fruit present in it sustains the skin’s dewy fullness of youth. The Fruit replenishes the lost moisture of the skin and you will notice a fresher and fairer complexion gradually. Soft light cream enriched with natural oil for total skin nourishment. Contains orange peel extract that stimulates cell regeneration and grows, nourishes and condition the skin visibly firms and smooths it. It nourishes the skin and smoothes. GEMBLUE BioCare Fruit Face Mask is enriched with fruit and orange peel extracts that are packed with essential vitamins and minerals. This face mask offers numerous benefits to your skin from providing an instant glow to delivering intense nourishment. It also helps lighten pigmentation and spots and reduce appearance of signs of ageing. The vitaminised fruit extracts also help improve skin texture and enhance your skin tone. GEMBLUE BioCare Fruit Face and Body gel is a special blend of fruits extracts and natural oils to give natural skin glow, improved skin texture and fairer complexion. The intensely hydrating formula penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and hydrates it. Enriched with natural fruits, this facial gel may boost the production of elastin and smoothen out wrinkles. With regular use, the gel may result in your skin turning soft, supple and youthful. Gel based moisturisers are a boon to the beauty world because they're a perfect combination of a gel and a cream. This product is ideal to use twice a day. It's a unisex product and is beneficial for all skin types i.e normal, dry and oily


Fruit Face and Body Cream Contains Many Antioxidants Including Polyphenols, Which Determines The Damages Caused by Free Radicals

How to Use:

Apply generous amount of scrub on damp skin - Massage in circular motion for exfoliation - Wipe off the product with wet cotton pad and rinse off the face with cold water.

Shelf Life:

36 months

Storage Conditions:

Keep it in a cool & dry place

Country of Origin:


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