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Origins Nutra
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Origins Nutra

Bone Strength | Builds Bone Density, Helps Joints Flexibility



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Empower Your Bones With Optimal Bone Health- We Understand The Journey To Stronger Bones Can Be Challenging. Origins Nutra Bone Support Is Here To Support You. Our Unique Formula Combines Plant-Based Calcium, Vitamin D3, And Vitamin K2-7, Addressing Common Hurdles In Calcium Absorption And Utilisation. Our Comprehensive Blend Brings All These Essential Nutrients Together To Empower Your Bone Health.


  • OPTIMISE CALCIUM ABSORPTION FOR STRONGER BONES- We've harnessed the power of Aquamin Tg, extracted from Red Sea Algae, to ensure that the calcium in this supplement is easily absorbed. This means your body can efficiently take in and utilise the calcium. We recognise that many people face difficulties absorbing calcium due to insufficient Vitamin D. Even after absorption, their bodies often struggle to effectively use it without Vitamin K.
  • SAFE, HIGHLY ABSORBABLE CALCIUM SOURCE FROM RED SEA ALGAE- Unlike most calcium supplements sourced from materials like rocks, eggshells, or chicken bones, We employ Aquamin Tg, a highly absorbable form derived from Red Sea Algae in Arctic Iceland. This gentle approach ensures that common calcium supplement issues such as constipation and artery blockage are avoided.
  • UNIQUELY EFFECTIVE WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS- Origins Nutra Bone Support stands out by using a natural and unique source of calcium – Red Sea Algae in the Arctic waters of Iceland. This makes it a safer and more effective choice and appeals to consumers who prefer natural and sustainable options for their supplements.
  • DIETARY-FRIENDLY, QUALITY ASSURED, AND GMP CERTIFIED- Your well-being is our priority. Our Bone Strength formula is gluten-free and vegan-friendly, ensuring a holistic and natural choice for your bone health. With meticulous formulation and GMP certification, we deliver a high-quality supplement you can trust. Choose Bone Strength for a reliable path to stronger bones.
  • YOUR SAFETY COMES FIRST- At Origins, your well-being is our top concern. Our Bone Strength supplement is thoughtfully formulated to meet the highest standards while keeping side effects to a minimum. Our dedication is to offer effective support without ever compromising your safety. Your health is at the heart of our mission.

How to Use:

Take Two Daily with Dinner.


Made with Bioavailable Aquamin TG calcium,Vitashine D3 and ManaquiGold vitK2-7

Shelf Life:

18 Months

Country of Origin:


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