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250 ml

The Love Co.
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The Love Co.

Body Wash - Secret Affair - Body Wash For Women - Shower Gel For Men



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Our Secret Affair Body wash is an effective at killing germs while cleaning dirt, excess oil, odor, sweat, and makeup from your skin. It help your skin retain its natural moisture, leaving you with softer, smoother skin. gently and effectively washes away dirt, oil, and bacteria with a rich, creamy lather that leaves skin soft, smooth, and free of harsh chemicals. Enriched with naturally derived botanicals to hydrate and soothe dry skin. The toxin-free formula is paraben, phosphate, and gluten-free. Suitable for all skin types. 100% vegan and cruelty-free. What was for heads is now for shoulders, knees & toes. Our Body Wash collection gives you a gentle formula that gets rid of the daily grime without drying out your skin.. It nourishes, hydrates and calms sensitive skin while leaving moisture without residue! 


  • Bodywashes For Women - The aloe vera extract, combined with argan oil and shea butter, is able to help the skin retain massive amounts of moisture to truly hydrate you skin for longer periods of time. Feel completely fresh and anew throughout the day.
  • Naturally, it’s what dry and sensitive skin thirsts for. Formulated with babies, parents, and the planet in mind, our tear-free baby shampoo and body wash formula is ultra-mild on sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, pH-balanced, vegan, and cruelty-free. For very dry skin, the Saviour range is an opulent blend of natural oils which gently work to moisturise leaving skin feeling soft and supple. Your skin, your body and your wellness lie at the heart of Love Co.
  • Every ground-breaking formula is an innovative blend of science with the chemistry of nature, carefully crafted by a dedicated team of explorers, scientists and skincare experts. Encompassing the most powerful biological actives available from both 'above and below' the earth’s surface, love co’s meticulous attention to detail, pioneering formulas and remarkably transformative results are what truly sets our skincare apart.

How to Use:

Bodywash is a great way to clean your body in the shower or bath. Most body-washes have a silky smooth texture that feels great against your skin. Start by selecting a bodywash that contains natural oils and no fragrance or sulfates. You can then apply a small amount of bodywash with a washcloth to exfoliate and clean your body. Always moisturize after you use bodywash so you skin stays soft and hydrated.

Shelf Life:

3 Years

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