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Premium Super Snack Makhana Himalayan Salt & Pepper
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Powerful with taste and the goodness of flavour, our treats are the perfect addition you need to your dishes, our Happilo Premium Super Snack - Himalayan Pink Salt & Pepper Makhana - Roasted Foxnut, Healthy Snack, Low Calorie, Gluten Free and Vegan are made from high-quality lotus seeds and are carefully sourced and roasted to perfection and are the ones for you!

Lightly seasoned with exciting spices and bursting with the flavours of Himalayan salt and authentic flavours from all over the country, our makhana nuts are naturally sourced flavours and create a tasty and satisfying snack that's perfect for any time of day, our makhana snacks contain a rich source of protein, fibre and other essential nutrients that make this treat the ideal snack to have at all times. Low in calories and gluten-free, our Happilo Premium Super Snack - Himalayan Pink Salt & Pepper Makhana are a great choice for all your meals and will leave you wanting more and is the addition your pantry needs to have. With foxnuts around, you can indulge in our snacks guilt-free!

A must-have snack in your daily meals, you can enjoy them as a salad or soup topping and are best served with a hot beverage! These delicious crunchy snacks can be enjoyed by all. Explore our range online for your treats from Happilo where authenticity meets tradition leaving them tasting exactly how the particular dish needs to be.


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