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Sorich Organics
Nut Mix
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WHOLESOME NUT MIX - Sorich Organics Nut Mix is blended with nutrient-rich dry fruits like almonds, cashew nuts, raisins, walnuts, Pistachios, cranberry slices, and much more. These nuts are a rich source of proteins, fibres, vitamins, and other essential antioxidants.

NATURAL SOURCING - This Nut Mix by Sorich organics has the goodness of raw, fresh, and nutritious dry fruits sourced directly from the farms. We work directly with farmers and follow natural processing techniques to keep the freshness and nutritional value intact.

HEALTHYLICIOUS NUTS - With high-protein, zero-cholesterol, and low-calorie, the nut mix helps in weight management and heart health. A rich source of Omega-3 and dietary fibre, it also boosts your immunity and facilitates digestion.

GREAT SNACKING OPTION - This Nut Mix can be paired up with yoghurt, smoothies, and salad for a wholesome meal. This delectable mix also makes for a great festive gift for your loved ones or a healthy superfood treat for your guests.

NATURAL GOODNESS ONLY - Our Nut Mix does not contain any artificial colours or preservatives that have side effects. It only has the goodness of pure, nutrient-rich dry fruits packed in airtight packaging to keep the nutritional value and freshness intact.


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