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The Man Company
The Man Company Hair Cleansing Kit
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The Man Company

Charcoal Shampoo

30 ml

The Man Company

Almond & Thyme Beard Wash

30 ml

1.Almond & Thyme Beard Wash - 30ml - The Man Company

Absolutely clean from root to tip but still soft and well-conditioned? You read that right! The Almond and Thyme Beard Wash is the regular cleansing essential you need to maintain a healthy and hygienic beard. This beard shampoo will clear the grime and build-up without causing damage, in fact, conditions your beard and has easy beard styling potential.


-Your beard faces a lot of dust and pollution every day. This beard wash cleanses your beard from the roots and keeps it looking fresh.

-Enriched with the nourishing goodness of almonds, the beard wash softens the strands of your hair.

-Thyme promotes hair nourishment and growth, so your beard can grow in a healthy manner.

-The conditioning benefits of the beard wash help tame frizz and increase beard manageability for a sharper look.

2.Charcoal Shampoo - 30ml - The Man Company

Elevate your hair routine to another crescendo with The Man Company’s Charcoal Shampoo highlighted by Peppermint & Clove. Formulated to solve every single problem that men face with their hair, it is also designed to reduce anxiety with its alluring fragrance. This shampoo promises to deep cleanse, nourish and moisturise your scalp, reduce dandruff, treat rashes and scalp infections, soothe your scalp, treat frizzy and rough hair, promote hair growth and improve hair texture. This SLS and Paraben-free formulation is crafted from fine ingredients and adds a certain something to your day.


- 100% Natural

- Crafted from fine ingredients

- Improves texture of hair

- Deep cleansing

- Reduces scalp infections

- Conditioning

- Reduces dandruff

- Treats rashes

- Rejuvenates and alleviates anxiety

- Improve hair texture

- Treats frizzy hair

- Promotes hair growth

- Infused with Premium Essential Oils

- SLS and Paraben-Free

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