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Ubtan Body Wash With Almond Saffron 7 Turmeric Extracts


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Ubtan is a paste made from herbs, oils, powders and extracts that offers the looks of royalty, courtesans, ladies, and brides of old. The ayurvedic concept of ubtans is a method of rejuvenating your skin, body and mind with food. Applying Ubtan was traditionally seen as ritualistic in the old days. With Otrix Ubtan body wash, you can refresh and revitalize dull skin on your body. Natural ingredients help remove impurities from this body wash. The product brightens tanned skin to make it more manageable. In addition to toning and moisturizing the skin, it also helps prevent wrinkles. It contains almond extract, which contains vitamin E and antioxidants, which exfoliates the skin and helps to prevent dryness. Rose water is a mineral-rich skin coolant that helps to tighten up and give skin a soft glow. Chickpea flour is effective in removing dead skin cells. The product can be used to make skin look bright and feel fresh. All skin types can benefit from this body wash, which restores skin's natural radiance and suppleness.


FOR GLOWING SKIN: Get your glow on! This body wash gives your skin a natural glow with the goodness of natural ingredients like Turmeric and Saffron.

- FOR SKIN: This body wash contains Turmeric which helps deep cleanse and unclog pores, removing dirt and impurities for skin that is smooth and radiant.

- GENTLY EXFOLIATES: It allows the skin to be naturally exfoliated by removing dead skin cells and impurities. Clarifying body wash formulated with almond, turmeric, saffron, sandalwood oil, rose water and chickpea flour. Your skin will become smoother after using it, as it draws out impurities

- NOURISHED WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS: It consists of natural ingredients and is free of parabens, sulfates, sodium lauryl sulfate, petroleum, artificial colors & preservatives.


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