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15 ml

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Therapeutic Body Wash
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It is India’s 1st body wash with real exotic extracts like Tasmanian Pepper Fruit, Wheatgerm and essential oils like Cranberry Oil, Jojoba Oil. This makes it the ultimate skin food, which effectively takes on dirt, suntan/ sunburn, rashes, skin itching and body odour.


- 100% Natural: Tasmanian Pepper Fruit Extracts: Helps in reducing skin irritation and provides daily therapy to the skin, Cranberry Oil: An emollient with antioxidant properties, Jojoba Oil: Contains Vitamin E and B Complex to repair damaged skin, Wheatgerm: A rich source of Vitamin B6 and Folic Acid that has anti-ageing properties, Coriander Oil: Inhibits fungal infection.

- Multiple Therapeutic Benefits: It reduces body odour, itching and promotes healthy feet, skin and nails. Since it is devoid of chemicals, it is recommended by doctors for a better and healthy skin and acts as a natural therapy to repair the skin.

- Skin Infections & Eczema: The exotic ingredients in this body wash help improve your skin's immunity, while also helping you manage eczema and itching by keeping infections at bay. 

- Chemical-Free: Doesn't contain any toxins, chemicals, paraben or sulfates and is thus safe to use on skin.

- Dermatologically Tested: It is designed specially keeping in mind the requirements of sensitive skin and comes with a dermatologically tested certificate which marks it as safe & non-irritant to skin. 

- Luxurious Bath: Its therapeutic properties make for a luxurious bath experience and leave you rejuvenated and refreshed.


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