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200 ml

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The Man Company
Hair Shampoo Biotin
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The Man Company’s Biotin Shampoo, a thought through remedy for topically improving the strength and appearance of your hair. Biotin, one of the key ingredients in this shampoo, helps produce a type of Keratin that repairs your hair strand from root to tip helping each one of them get stronger and smoother.Loaded with advanced natural ingredients like Rice Extract, Bhringraj, Moringa and of course, Biotin, this hair shampoo repairs damaged hair while adding volume, making hair thicker, fuller and stronger, with every wash.

- Use The Man Company Biotin Shampoo regularly and witness the natural ingredients strengthen and nourish your fragile hair from root to tip with every wash. Perfect for a daily hair fall treatment it works best when used with The Man Company Biotin Conditioner.

- With Biotin, Bhringraj and Rice Extract Your hair would never feel as cleansed and protected!

- The Man Company Biotin shampoo will help prevent hair fall from breakage without weighing you down. With every wash the shampoo will repair the most damaged areas of the hair, reinforce the strength in your hair and make it stronger against hair fall due to breakage.


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