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Skincare Superheroes Kit
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This Kit contains:

1) Vitamin C Face Serum | 8 ml | The Love Co.:

It has soothing, healing, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties. Vitamin C, purifies, firms and tones the skin. It also treats dry and ageing skin. It gets rid of pigmentation, redness and swelling and is good for all kinds of skin tones. In the case of oily skin, it balances the oil content, and can be used for treating skin irritations and burns.

2) Rosehip And Kakadu Plum Vitamin C & 5% Niacinamide Day Lotion | 30 ml | Seer Secrets:

It’s time to give your skin the comfort and love it deserves with the goodness of Vitamin C, 5% Niacin Amide, Rosehip & Kakadu Plum. Say hello to radiant skin with Vitamin C and bid adieu to dull and uneven skin tone. Rosehip and Kakadu Plum Vitamin C & 5% Niacinamide Day Lotion deeply nourish and soothe, and boost collagen to give you radiant-looking skin. Vitamin C also protects the skin against free radical damage and evens out skin tone. The fresh and non-greasy formula captures will give your skin the long-lasting hydration it needs. Suitable for all skin types, Rosehip and Kakadu Plum Vitamin C & 5% Niacinamide Day Lotion has no harmful chemicals and is free of Parabens, toxins, mineral oils, and peg free.

3) Skincare Superheroes Box | 1 unit | Smytten


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