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Lead Quality: The Lead used in the pencil is certified 2B Lead which gives darker writing as compared to normal pencil

Material: We have used certified edible colors in the body of the pencil, so it is safe if your child is liking the pencil as it is chemical free

Pencil Body: The body of the pencil is made with recycled paper (to save trees) and hence give very good grip while writing

Seed: high quality certified seeds are used giving maximum growth to the plant.The box contains veggies, flowers and herbs seed pencils

How to Plant:

Use the pencil till it gets shorter. Insert approx 1.5 inch pencil head keeping capsule end at the bottom in a pot. The capsule is biodegradable it will degrade in a day. The germination period is 5-10 days depending upon seeds. Keep the pot in a way it gets little sunlight and water it daily. You will see the pencil will start sprouting in some time


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