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Multi-purpose Aloe Vera Gel Kit
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Inwood Organics

99 % Aloe Vera Gel Multipurpose Beauty Gel For Skin & Hair Vitamin E

20 ml


Leather Pouch - Maroon

1 Unit

This Kit Consists of:

1)99 % Aloe Vera Gel Multipurpose Beauty Gel For Skin & Hair Vitamin E | Inwood Organics | 20ml : Looking for something natural & effective to pamper your skin and hair with Inwood Organics Pure & Organic Aloe Vera Gel for face and hair, the purest and the finest you can get in a bottle. Guaranteed 99 percent pure aloe vera gel with Vitamin E has been hygienically extracted from ripe, robust and succulent aloe vera leaves and packaged with care to retain its natural healing and rejuvenating goodness. Aloe vera has been used for thousands of years for beauty and medicinal benefits across cultures. Aloe vera is loaded with over 75 beneficial nutrients like vitamins, enzymes, minerals and amino acids. When applied topically on the skin, it inhibits microbes and germs, and moisturizes skin.

2)Leather Pouch - Maroon | Smytten |1 Unit: Carry Your Essentials In Style With this ergonomically designed multi-utility pouch. Made with luxuriously soft fabric and lined with premium quality material.


Light Weight and comfortable carrying

- Can be used for storing bills, cards or cash as well

- Proudly handcrafted in India!

- You can easily slip in these unique pouches into your school bag, laptop bag, handbag or pocket

- Durable and Water Resistant


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