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Moisture Surge Kit
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Olive & Macadamia Rich Nourishing Hair Conditioner

20 ml


Avocado Nourish Up Hair Mask

25 gms

This kit consists of:

1) Olive & Macadamia Rich Nourishing Hair Conditioner | Plum | 20ml: Tender, loving care for your hair! Show some tender, loving care for chemically treated hair with the Plum Olive & Macadamia Rich Nourish Conditioner. Loaded with shea butter, olive fractions rich in squalene, plus macadamia oil and vege-keratin, this 100% silicone-free conditioner helps to soften, detangle, smoothen and protect hair, while giving it a healthy, natural shine.


- Shea butter is one of the best natural moisturizers for hair, shea is extremely hydrating, and at the same time, conditioning and non-sticky. 

- Olive oil and its derivatives used in this conditioner are rich in plant squalene, an excellent natural conditioning agent. The use of plant-derived conditioners in place of silicones helps reduce product buildup, damage and dullness on hair with prolonged use. 

- Plant-derived keratin: Keratin (a type of protein) is an essential component of hair, and is responsible for giving hair its strength and shine. 

- A dermatologically safe, hair-softening UV absorber that is proven to help hair retain its colour for longer, in the face of exposure to UV radiation from sunlight.

2) Avocado Nourish Up Hair Mask | Plum | 25gm: If these problems ring a bell to you, then this creamy blend of Avocado Oil, Argan oil and Shea Butter is the right solution for you!


Super creamy texture

It contains argan oil, avocado oil & shea butter that will keep your hair frizz-free

It has vitamin E that will keep split ends and dryness at bay

100% vegan – good for the planet, and for you


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