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Wild Stone

Edge Perfume Body Spray

10 ml

Bella Vita

C-Glow Face Cream

15 ml


Argan Oil Hairfall Control Shampoo

20 ml

This kit contains:

1) Argan Oil Hairfall Control Shampoo | DOT & KEY | 20ml:

This ACTIVE Hair Shampoo is formulated with sulphate free cleansers, high-performance actives and plant-nutrients to gently cleanse hair prone to breakage, while controlling hair fall.

2) C-Glow Face Cream | Bella Vita Organic | 15ml:

The Bella Vita Organic C-Glow Face Cream is a blend of natural & Ayurvedic ingredients that will give your face a natural glow from within. The face cream will brighten, nourish and protect your skin from pigmentation and dullness. Sandalwood brings its anti-inflammatory properties to protect your skin from UV rays and soothes the skin of any itching or redness. Vitamin C & E protects your skin from free radicals, UV rays that can cause premature ageing and evens out your skin tone. Since wheatgerm is a natural humectant, it helps lock in the moisture so that your skin feels supple for a longer period time.

3) Edge Perfume Body Spray | Wild Stone | 10ml:

Wild Stone Edge Deodorant gets you noticed. The rich woody and aromatic notes mixed with notes of artemisia, patchouli, and labdanum complements the man who's dynamic and lives life on the edge. Feel confident with every whiff, it creates an impact which will not go unnoticed.

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