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Leather Pouch - Maroon

1 Unit

The Derma Co.

Ceramide + HA Intense Moisturiser for Dry Skin

25 gms


Red Vine Face Serum with Peptides & Hyaluronic Acid for Anti-Ageing

5 ml


Green Tea Renewed Clarity Night Gel


This kit consists of:

1) Red Vine Face Serum with Peptides & Hyaluronic Acid for Anti-Ageing | Pilgrim | 5ml: Say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles with the deeply nourishing and age-defying Red Vine Face Serum from Pilgrim. Enriched with red vine extracts, peptides, and hyaluronic acid for skin that looks youthful, firm, and smooth. Apply this daily to help your skin recapture its youthful radiance!


- Fights signs of aging: This serum works to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, delivering a smooth and youthful look.

- Hydrates the skin: Hyaluronic acid acts as a moisture magnet, smoothing away creases and improving skin elasticity.

- Nourishes the skin: The blend of skincare powerhouses nourishes intensely, ensuring a youthful radiance.

- Safe and suitable: This product is 100% vegan, FDA-approved, chemical-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and cruelty-free. Suitable for all skin types. - Can be used by both men and women.

2) Ceramide + HA Intense Moisturiser for Dry Skin | The Derma Co. | 25gm: Ceramide + HA Intense Moisturizer is ideal for hydrating and lending a soft feel to the face, neck, and eye area. Ceramides are naturally found within our skin and play a critical role in keeping its structure strong and healthy. They bond the cells together on the surface and form a solid protective layer against damage and hold hydration. 


- It gives the skin a plump, balanced, and hydrated appearance.

- Hyaluronic acid is a humectant and acts like a sponge that can hold up to a thousand times its weight in water and pulls it to the skin’s surface.

- It’s intensely hydrating and makes the skin quench and plump. For best results, use this moisturizer twice a day.

- During the day, follow up with a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher.

3) Green Tea Renewed Clarity Night Gel | Plum | 15ml: Your skin needs night time hydration and nourishment. But if you have oily skin, you've tried night cream after night cream, and are still tired of waking up every morning with oily skin. Presenting a breakthrough product from Plum for clear, fresh, and hydrated skin every morning. Minus the greasiness.


- Breakthrough light gel texture

- Non-comedogenic ingredients

- Balanced hydration

- Argan oil to help skin retain moisture through the night

- Green tea extracts to help combat blemishes

- Licorice, willow bark for clearer skin

- Glycolic acid for gentle exfoliation and smoother skin

- Goji berry & Gingko Biloba to nourish your skin while you sleep

- Organic Aloe juice to soothe your skin

4) Leather Pouch - Maroon | Smytten | 1 Unit: Carry Your Essentials In Style With this ergonomically designed multi-utility pouch. Made with luxuriously soft fabric and lined with premium quality material.


Light Weight and comfortable carrying

- Can be used for storing bills, cards, or cash as well

- Proudly handcrafted in India!

- You can easily slip these unique pouches into your school bag, laptop bag, handbag, or pocket

- Durable and Water Resistant


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