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Rich & Ruitz
Mirage Pour Homme
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Attract everyone towards you with a façade of aromatic blend of notes created for the man with love in his heart and strong ideas in his mind. Give your alpha male personality the sensual touch of Rich & Ruitz Mirage eau de parfume for men and its captivating fragrance. This perfume is created by expert perfumers with years of experience up their sleeves using nothing but finest of ingredients for that long lasting fragrance.


- Being eau de parfum, this perfume contains high concentration of perfume essence giving it lasting effects of at least 7 hours in one go. You will be amazed with the amount of attention you get after using this perfume. Spray it on your skin on pulse points for the best results enhancing the fragrance of this masculine perfume.

- It comes in a stunning white cylindrical designer bottle white leather and silver accents on it giving it a mesmerising effect. The packaging of the perfume makes it an ideal gift for someone who loves international perfumes. Buy Rich & Ruitz perfumes or check out other wide range of international perfumes for men and women online in India at a budget friendly price only on Perfume Booth.


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