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Ultimate Skincare Regimen Kit
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What's in this combo

Fruit Face Wash

30 gms


Ocean Dew Mist

100 ml


Ultra-Hydrating Face Emulsion Cream

30 gms

This Kit Consists of:-

1) Ocean Dew Mist | Ayouthveda | 100ml: A steam distilled floral water created solution from Handpicked Roses, Lotus, Marigold & Fresh Aloe Vera: Ocean dew mist- sprinkler of hydration Its natural aroma calms senses & harmonizes mood. This pure, active & refreshing hydrosol, restores moisture, tones skin & ensures long lasting luminosity over the skin


- Its natural aroma calms senses & harmonizes mood.

- Free from harsh chemicals

- Easy to carry – spray whenever, wherever

- Suitable for all skin types

How to use:

Spray onto face & body for periodic refreshment & feel hydrated throughout the day. Use as often as required.

2) Ultra-Hydrating Face Emulsion Cream | Ayouthveda | 30gm: Ayouthveda brings to you a simple yet luxurious approach a blend of pure coconut water, aloe vera and natural micronutrients in the form of Ayouthveda Ultra Hydrating Face Emulsion Cream. The face cream has a natural plant-based formula that makes your skin feel amazingly soft and supple, plus it delivers precious protection from external elements, leaving your skin matte, fresh and radiant.


- Ayurvedic face cream hydrates the skin and leaves it soft and supple

- Enriched with the goodness of coconut water, aloe vera, and natural micronutrients

- Rich in vitamins and antioxidants that enhance skin radiance

- Soothes the skin and improves tone and texture

- Lightweight formula absorbs easily and leaves skin matte

- Free of parabens, sulphates, silicones, artificial colors and harmful chemicals

- This product is cruelty-free

3) Fruit Face Wash | Ayouthveda | 30gm: Fruit power face wash gel softly cleanses & freshen-up your skin, leaving it bright, smooth & dirt free. Loaded with the fruit juices of pomegranate papaya pineapple orange & apple splash essential nutrients & antioxidants to overcome the loss due to sun exposure. Try Fruit power face wash gel that's fragrance bursts on your skin every time you wash & gives you your ultimate daily dose of freshness. Blended with Aloe Vera & coconut water to deliver moisturizing effects for that all day natural glow.


- Removes dirt & impurities

- Hydrates & nourishes skin

- Removes dark spot & blemishes

- Instantly refreshes skin with fruity fragrance

- Maintains natural glow


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