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Rooted In Beauty Kit
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What's in this combo
Rivona Naturals

Beet Root Lip Balm

5 gms

Rivona Naturals

99% Pure and Soothing Aloe vera Gel

20 ml


Take A Chill Instant Cooling Face Wash

15 gms


Potato Beauty Facial Sheet Mask

1 Unit

This Kit contains:

1) Potato Beauty Facial Sheet Mask | 1 Unit | Masking:

Potatoes contain various Vitamins and minerals which helps to brighten skin and get rid of dark spots and it can also gently exfoliate your skin and helps you to provide clear and glowing skin. Enrich with real extracts of Potatoes for Skin Lightening.

2) Take A Chill Instant Cooling Face Wash | 15gm | Auli:

An instant cooling and refreshing face wash, that is extremely hydrating, purifying, and soothing. It removes tan, pollutants, and prevents breakouts. It boosts collagen, makes the skin supple and improves your skin tone. It is SOAP FREE!

3) Beet Root Lip Balm | 5gm | Rivona Naturals:

Your sensitive lips require intensive care and hence Rivona Naturals forth it’s Beet Root Lip Balm which is enriched with moisturizers and Beet Root flavor, protects lips from dryness and provides long term hydration. Naturally enhances your lips with shimmering pigments and a hint of gorgeous Beet Root. The moisturizing effect lasts for several hours after a single application. Rivona Naturals Beet Root Lip Balm nourishes lips that always look and feel their best. 

4) 99% Pure and Soothing Aloe vera Gel | 20ml | Rivona Naturals:

This multi-functional soothing gel is made from organic and pure aloevera which rapidly absorbed by skin for soothing and moisturizing effects and a refreshing sensation. This premium beauty gel gently hydrates your face, arms, legs and hair. This magical formula will make your skin smooth and silky. You’ll love how fast it absorbs with no residue. Because it’s so delicious your cells drink it all up! 


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