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Plum Trio
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What's in this combo

Olive and Macadamia Healthy Hydration Shampoo

45 ml


Chamomile and White Tea Brighten-Up Face Scrub

15 gms


Body Lovin Foot Cream Coffee Wake A Ccino

20 gms

This Combo Includes:

1. Chamomile and White Tea Brighten-Up Face Scrub (15gm):

An absolute Bright delight fro your skin! Reveal the brighter side of you - each time you scrub away dead cells, dirt & dullness with the New Plum Chamomile & White Tea Brighten-Up Face Scrub. This Facial Scrub has gentle cellulose beads & effective walnut shell powder that makes this a perfect scrubbing combo, while the antioxidant-rich botanical extracts in the base keep the goodness going beneath the surface. Enriched with Chamomile and Aloe, it soothes stressed skin and effectively removes all dirt, impurities to give brighter-looking clearer skin. Use every alternate day (not more than thrice a week) to brighten up, get ready and face the world (and the sun) again!


- Gentle but effective facial scrub to brighten up dull and damaged skin

- Perfectly sized walnut shell granules for effective scrubbing action

- Biodegradable cellulose beads that balance out the scrubbing, while being gentle on the environment

- A rich, skin-loving base that doesn't dry out the skin

- Chamomile Extract and Aloe juice that calms sun-exposed skin

- Antioxidant-rich white tea to help your skin bounce back

- A melange of 5 antioxidant leaf extracts for added nourishment

- Leaves your face looking fresher, brighter, healthier and younger-looking, without drying it

- Plum products are free of parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, SLS, DEA and PABA

2. Body Lovin Foot Cream Coffee Wake A Ccino (20gm):

Foot Cream Dream! Lovin’ & repairin’ cracked heels and dry, rough skin while bein’ non-greasy is no mean “feet”. This deeply emollient cream does just that. Moisturisin’ oils, butters & coffee are at your service! :)


- Adios roughness, voilà oh-so-smooth & supple feet!

- Ultra-hydrating formula to heal those cracked heels

- Infused with goodies like shea butter, cocoa butter, Brazil nut oil, sunflower oil, and coffee arabica seed oil

- Super moisturizing & lightweight foot cream that toe-tally melts into your skin!

- Rich aroma of coffee to get you feelin’ fa-brew-lous!

3. Olive and Macadamia Healthy Hydration Shampoo (45ml):

Take a break, flake! This sulfate-free, dandruff-fighting Olive & Macadamia Healthy Hydration Shampoo by Plum harnesses the plant-power of hibiscus and rosemary, and a new-generation plant-derived dandruff fighter, to deliver anti-dandruff activity that's gentle, yet effective, compared to zinc-laden shampoos. Its silicone-free formula drastically reduces product build-up on hair, and keeps your hair light, fluffy and happy!


- Healthy hydrating shampoo for chemically treated hair.

- Enriched with the benefits of Olive and Macadamia.

- A gentle yet effective formula that helps fight dandruff.

- Reduces product build-up, keeps hair light and fluffy.

- 100% vegan and cruelty-free, as always!


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