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BodyLovin' Hawaiian Rumba De-odorizing Pit Cream

5 gms

Smytten Picks

Trend Fast-Forward Pouch

1 Unit

Fragrance & Beyond

Escape Deodorant Body Spray

40 ml

Bombay Shaving Company

Gotham EDP For Men

10 ml

This kit contains:

1) Body Lovin Deodorizing Pit Cream Hawaiian Rumba | 5gm | Plum:

Odor-free, beachy fresh smellin' pits for 12+ hours? Antibacterial green tea oil & de-odorizing kaolin to the rescue! :) Oh & let's not forget the superior sweat absorption by ocean-derived minerals for matte, smooth underarms!

This underarm cream is not to be confused with antiperspirants that block sweat. Sweating is cool—literally—it’s how your body cools down & detoxifies. While it contains a soothing fragrance, it doesn’t last for long & is not an alternative for body mists & perfumes so feel free to use your fav fragrances the way you currently do!

2) Escape Deodorant Body Spray | 40ml | Fragrance & Beyond:

Solid Perfume is 100% natural perfume infused with body butter and is absolutely alcohol-free. This is relaxing, zesty, fun fragrance is dedicated to weekends. It has very light and gentle smell for daytime. It is our version of Burberry Weekend.

3) Gotham Eau De Parfum | 10ml | Bombay Shaving Company:

Gotham is a perfect mix of the dark and adventurous. If you are an intense soul, this truly is the fragrance for you. Explore the mystery of the night and step into a world of fantasies with intricate spicy and woody notes.


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