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Fragrance & Beyond

La Grace EDP

8 ml


Cocktail Drop Solid Perfume

5 gms

Secret Temptation

Romance Eau De Parfum

2 ml

This Kit contains:

1) La Grace EDP | 8ml | Fragrance & Beyond:

The smell has been crafted to enhance your personality in the moment you live in, adding power, character and intensity to who you are. The Personality of a person is mainly described by the fragrances, so if you want to be the best personality in the group smell like the One.

2) Romance Eau De Parfum | 2ml | Secret Temptation:

Secret Temptation Romance Eau de Parfum for women is a mix of hyacinth, jasmine, neroli and orange blossom. As you set out to write a love story, this fragrance will be an epic romance between you and your dreams.

3) Cocktail Drop Solid Perfume | 5gm |Anour:

The fragrance of Cocktail Drop develops and diffuses its voluptuous scent all day long. Infused with Shea butter, Cocoa butter & Silicon Wax, the solid perfume helps keep your pulse point hydrated. This is convenient for travelling, a compact way of making the perfume more portable. It lingers on your skin for hours, and practically massages your pulse points with scent. Just warm it with your fingers, swipe across your pulse points, and you’re good to go.


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