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Face It, Hair It Kit
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What's in this combo

Chamomile & White Tea Sheer Matte Day Cream SPF 50 PA+++

15 ml

The Skin Story

Sulphate Free Keratin Shampoo

15 ml

WOW Skin Science

Red Onion Black Seed Oil Hair Mask

15 ml


Vitamin C Green Tea Brightening Face Wash with Aloe Vera & Orange

20 ml

This Kit Contains:

1) Chamomile & White Tea Sheer Matte Day Cream SPF50 | 15ml | Plum:

Finally, a high SPF cream that doesn't feel like one. Our specially created micro-emulsion formula helps distribute the sunscreen more evenly over your skin. Result: a smooth, matte effect without white cast. And while the SPF protects your skin from the outside, the specially blended cocktail of antioxidants help your skin fight the harmful effects of UV from within.

2) Aloe Vera & Orange Vitamin C 0.5% Green Tea Brightening Face Wash | 20ml | Soulflower:

A natural & gentle foaming face wash powered by the goodness of Vitamin C, Basil, Licorice, and Green Tea to cleanse & purify the skin. This fast-acting, non - comedogenic, skin-reviving face wash is gentle on your skin, is super refreshing, and helps your skin get the radiant glow of your dreams!

3) Red Onion Black Seed Oil Hair mask | 15 ml | WOW Skin Science:

Our onion hair mask is a shine-enhancing, frizz control, hair growth, hair restoring, water-based hair mask that contains red onion seed oil extract, black seed oil, saw palmetto seed oil, watercress, and Indian cress. It is rich in flavonoids, sulfur-rich compounds, and vitamins B, C, D & E that supports healthy hair growth and control hair fall. It is loaded with a high percentage of natural actives. It can be used to add deep hydration to your hair and scalp and is suitable for all hair types. Our onion hair mask is without mineral oil, silicones, parabens, and color.

4) Sulphate Free Keratin Shampoo | 15ml | The Skin Story:

The Skin Story Sulphate Free Keratin Shampoo gently cleanses and reconstructs damaged hair by replenishing natural keratin levels while strengthening and sealing the cuticle. This shampoo moisturizes hair and scalp and tames frizz. In combination with argan oil, vitamin E, and macadamia oil, hair is left enviably glossy.


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