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Fabulous Florals Trial Kit
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What's in this combo
Bella Vita

Honey Oud Unisex Perfume

5 ml

Secret Temptation

Dream Eau De Parfum

10 ml


Floral Breeze Mist

8 ml

This Kit contains:

1) Honey Oud Unisex Perfume For Men & Women | Bella vita luxury | 5ml:

Are fruity and floral fragrances your go-to choice for a nice day out ?

The Bella Vita Luxury Honey Oud Luxury Perfume smells like honey and bergamot at the top with delightful notes of Rose and Oud at its Heart and Vanilla at its base. This oud perfume is a unisex cologne, perfect for anyone who loves sweet fragrances. 

Let your perfume do the sweet-talking for you, all day long.

2) Dream Eau De Parfum | Secret Temptation | 10ml:

Dream floral fragrance is a refreshing and passionate fragrance for women. Its floral-fruity long-lasting fragrance is exactly what is needed to have a burst of energy on a regular day. Secret Temptation Dream Parfum is impressive with an intense charm and classiness that befits every woman who is in love with herself and with her dreams.

3) Floral Breeze Mist | Ayouthveda | 8ml:

Floral breeze mist is a skin loving elixir derived from distillates of handpicked Rose, Lotus, Butea, Marigold & antioxidant rich fruit distillates of Orange & Pomegranates which instantly refreshes, revives & revitalizes skin. This pure aromatic hydrosol pleasantly surprises & energies mood, boosts skin nourishment & protects skin from damage. Leaving skin exceptionally smooth, even-toned, dewy.

4) Pouch:

These paper bags are designed with bright and vibrant colours, tropical patterns, and beach-themed motifs, making them perfect for summertime. Not only are these bags a great way to keep your sunscreen and shades, but they're also eco-friendly and totally on-trend!

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