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De-Tan & Renew Kit
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WOW Skin Science

Ubtan Face & Body Pack

15 ml


Watermelon Super Glow Gel Face Wash

15 ml

Just Herbs

Moisturising Sunscreen Gel



Coffee Wake-a-ccino Body Scrub

15 gms

This Kit contains:

1) Watermelon Super Glow Gel Face Wash | DOT & KEY | 15ml:

Cleanse your skin while giving it a juicy burst of hydration with Dot & Key’s Watermelon Superglow Facial Cleanser specially formulated to leave your skin feeling energized, smooth and prepped for the rest of your routine. Along with Watermelon actives, Vitamin C and Cucumber extracts, this fuss-free cleanser leaves skin smooth, glowing and prepped for the rest of your routine. Free from sulphates, it helps clear build-up and dead cells bringing out a bright and super glowy complexion.

2) Coffee Wake-a-ccino Body Scrub | Plum | 15gm:

Coffee-cially the smoothest! Carefully ground green coffee & roasted arabica coffee powder, mixed up with brazil nut oil, sugar and other goodies - that’s how we make a scrub that doesn’t scratch or dry skin. It’s wake up time for smooth skin!

3) Ubtan Face & Body Pack | WOW Skin Science | 15ml:

Refine and restore your tired, sluggish skin and get radiant complexion with WOW Skin Science Ubtan Face & Body Pack. This pack is made from traditional natural ingredients known for their skin toning and refining properties. The ubtan pack helps to draw out deep-seated grime from the pores and minimize them. It helps the skin get a clear, refined look and smooth texture. The pack has almond extract, which contains vitamin E and antioxidants that moisturizes and and prevents fine lines and dryness. Rose water is mineral rich skin coolant and toner that firms up the skin, evens out complexion, giving skin a soft glow. Chickpea flour is a natural exfoliant that aids in removing dead skin layer and fine hair from face.

4) NoSun Moisturising Sun Protection Gel | Just Herbs | 25ml:

This NoSun moisturizing sun protection gel from Just Herbs provides complete protection from sun and its UV rays.


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