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Break Up With Acne
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Neem , Green Tea & Basil Extract Salicylic Acid 2% Tea Tree Acne Free Face Wash

20 ml


Acne Enemy Face Wash Gel

30 ml


Acne Clearing Face Serum

5 ml

This Kit contains:

1) Acne Enemy Face Wash Gel | 30ml | Ayouthveda:

Ayouthveda acne enemy face wash gel is the winning combination of traditionally trusted herbs with the advanced Alpha- CURe complex which effectively prohibits proliferation and activation of acnegenic bacteria. Its the best acne face wash gel formula fortified with the rich fraction of α-Mangostin from Garcinia & rich botanicals- Rubia, Indian Madder, Green tea, Rose & coconut water. Acne enemy face wash gel leaves the skin purified & refreshed

2) Neem , Green Tea & Basil Extract Salicylic Acid 2% Tea Tree Acne Free Face Wash | 20 ml | Soulflower:

Power packed with natural ingredients like Neem, Tea Tree, Salicylic acid to reduce the swelling & redness around the inflamed areas, unclog the pores and allow the pimples to shrink, preventing active & potential acne flare-ups, pimple breakouts, maintaining skin barrier & nourishing the skin. This formulation is gentle enough for daily use & gives your skin an instant boost of moisturization, making it clear, healthy & baby soft!

3) Acne Clearing Face Serum | 5ml | VOTRE:

An oil-free face serum developed specifically for breakouts further treating excess oil secretion. The serum helps clarify and balance by removing impurities from the surface of the skin. The luxurious formula boosts moisture, creating a soothed and toned appearance. It unclogs pore congestion and blemishes, soothes redness, and provides lightweight hydration.


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